Vanessa Eni

Vanessa Eni graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's in geology in 2017. While a student she completed a minor in Mandarin Chinese and attended field school in South Africa. She also received several awards to study abroad and attend international conferences. After graduation, Vanessa sought to achieve fluency in Mandarin through participating in a Princeton fellowship program, where she worked as a Ivy League consultant at a Chinese startup. Additionally, Vanessa completed multiple industry internships with Marathon Oil, Anadarko Petroleum, ExxonMobil and a venture capital company. Originally from The Woodlands, Vanessa decided to return to Texas to augment her skillset through the Master's of Science degree in Subsurface Geoscience with focus on Data Management at Rice University; her coursework emphasizes business, geology, and data science. Her goal is to understand the full value chain of energy and to pursue executive management at an E&P company.