Applied Chemical Sciences Program


The Applied Chemical Sciences degree offers an alternate pathway for students to complete an MS degree in chemistry that does not involve an in-depth research project and thesis. This degree option is intended for employees of local industry who want to earn an MS degree for promotions or re-focusing their careers; undergrad students who want to advance their preparation before entering the workforce; and/or teachers and non-traditional students to meet eligibility requirements for teaching positions at community colleges.

Students in this degree will not only be strengthening their technical knowledge and scientific skills, such as analysis, research, characterization, data collection, and problem-solving, but also will work on the development of written, analytical, and verbal communication skills. This interdisciplinary curriculum provides graduates of this program with the tool-set to be successful in the science/technology industry..


Dr. Anatoly Kolomeisky, Chair

Dr. Zachary Ball

Dr. Michelle Gilbertson, Assistant Chair

Dr. James Tour

Dr. Eugene Zubare, Faculty Director & Program Advisor

Dr. Han Xiao