Part-time enrollment is calculated on the per-credit rate. students wanting to enroll, are charged per credit hour. Part-time enrollment refers to the enrollment of less than 9 credit hours during a semester. Students have also assessed a one-time per semester part-time enrollment fee.

A list of tuition and fees for the 2022-2023 academic year, including medical insurance fees, can be found at Cashier's Office

Sources of Financial Assistance

Because the Professional Master’s Degree is a non-thesis (non-research) program, Rice University does not offer tuition waivers, stipends, fellowships, or assistantships for this program, similar to MBA programs.

The program receives some financial support from industry partners, and depending on the support we receive, we usually have 8-10 corporate scholarships available that students can apply for in their first semester at Rice. Typically, the scholarship amount varies between $7,000 and $9,000 as a one-time payment towards tuition. All enrolled students are eligible to apply.

Additionally, for highly qualified applicants, we are now able to offer a limited number of scholarships providing approximately a 15% tuition reduction. Applicants must meet the quality standards of the admission committee and will be selected during the admission review process. If an applicant is chosen, they will be notified of the tuition reduction along with their offer of admission

External Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for external funding — funds from sources not affiliated with Rice. Sponsors range from government agencies to corporations and private institutions. Funds may be limited to a single year of enrollment or may be renewable for multiple years and may be paid to the student or directly to the university. It is important for recipients to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of such fellowships when planning for graduate studies. Download our guide below to review various funding opportunities for students to apply for.

DOWNLOAD OUR GUIDE: External Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarship Opportunities

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Other sources of financial assistance exist, mainly in the form of loans. Visit the Rice Office of Student Financial Services for more information on loans, work-study programs, and outside sources of aid. As these degrees are considered STEM degrees, many grants and scholarships are available, especially for minorities and women. The salary received during the required internship can be used to offset some of the costs.

Loan options include federally subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, and private loans. International students are eligible for loans from commercial lending institutions if they have a co-signer who is a US citizen. If you have questions about which type(s) of loans may be best for you, please contact Student Financial Services at