Full-time Enrollment

Full-time enrollment fees amount to $19,700 per semester for students undertaking 9 credit hours or more, with the degree program typically spanning a minimum of 3 semesters.

Part-time Enrollment

Part-time enrollment fees are determined by the number of credit hours taken, usually less than 9 per semester, with a cost of $1,600 per credit hour for the 2023-2024 academic year. Additionally, students who choose part-time enrollment are required to pay a one-time fee per semester.

Required Itemized Fees

Itemized Fees Semester Costs Annual Costs
Graduate Student Association Fee $22.50 $45
Student Organization Fee $4.00 $8
Health & Wellness Support Fee $338.50 $677
Health Insurance 1

For a comprehensive breakdown of tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 academic year, including medical insurance fees, please refer to the information provided by the Cashier's Office.

Student Health Insurance1

Visit Student Health Insurance for rates and waiver requirements.

Course Fees

Courses having additional charges are provided on the Course Schedule. In some cases, the associated charges may be in lieu of Rice tuition and/or required fees.

Other Potential Fees

Other potential fees may apply, based on events or specific requests.