Financial Assistance

Sources of Financial Assistance

Due to its nature as a non-thesis (non-research) program, Rice University does not provide tuition waivers, stipends, fellowships, or assistantships for the Professional Master’s Degree, similar to MBA programs.

However, the program does receive some financial backing from industry partners. Depending on this support, we typically offer 8-10 corporate scholarships each semester. These scholarships, available to all enrolled students, typically range from $7,000 to $9,000 as a one-time payment towards tuition. Students who are already enrolled in the program can apply for the student scholarship during their first fall semester. If they are granted the scholarship, the award will be applied to the subsequent spring semester.

Furthermore, for exceptionally qualified applicants, we now offer a limited number of scholarships providing approximately a 15% reduction in tuition fees. Applicants who meet the admission committee's rigorous standards may be selected for this scholarship during the admission review process. Successful applicants will be informed of the tuition reduction alongside their offer of admission.

External Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for external funding — funds from sources not affiliated with Rice. Sponsors range from government agencies to corporations and private institutions. Funds may be limited to a single year of enrollment or may be renewable for multiple years and may be paid to the student or directly to the university. It is important for recipients to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of such fellowships when planning for graduate studies. Download our guide below to review various funding opportunities for students to apply for.

DOWNLOAD OUR GUIDE: External Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarship Opportunities

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There are additional avenues for financial support, primarily through loan options. For comprehensive details on loans and external funding sources, it's advisable to reach out to the Rice Office of Student Financial Aid. Given that these degrees fall under STEM categories, numerous grants and scholarships are accessible, particularly aimed at minorities and women. The income earned during the mandatory internship can help alleviate some expenses.

All student loans are processed through the Office of Financial Aid. Loans available to graduate students include Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Grad PLUS and Private Loans. If you are interested in obtaining federal student loans, you must fill out a FAFSA at If your application is selected for verification while filling out the FAFSA, you must submit copies of your tax return and W-2 forms and submit a verification worksheet. For more information, email the Rice Office of Student Financia Aid at

We are happy to report that former students have shared that if they opted for loans during the program, they managed to repay them entirely within a few years post-graduation, thanks to the salaries they earned.