MBA/MS Coordinated Degree Program

The worlds of science and business are merging and a new breed of scientist, manager and policy maker is necessary to maintain America’s competitive edge in the global marketplace. These new professionals are PSM graduates who can serve companies in today’s competitive market needing managers with scientific knowledge who understand the business world and can effectively lead by applying their unique background to their organization’s needs.

In response to these needs, the Wiess School of Natural Sciences established the Professional Master’s Program, offering degrees in Applied Chemical Science, Bioscience and Health Policy, Environmental Analysis, Energy Geoscience and Space Studies.

In order to offer a deeper immersion into management and business acumen, the Professional Science Master’s at Rice has collaborated with the Rice Jones Graduate School of Business to offer the coordinated PSM/MBA program. According to the Professional Science Master’s track chosen, graduates are qualified for leadership roles in industries related to the environment, nanotechnology, energy and government.


The joint degree program can be completed in 2 1/2 - 3 years. This includes a total of 45 hours of course work in business management and 30 credit hours in the chosen PSM track. Students will complete the same core requirements as the students in the regular MBA and PSM programs. Graduates will receive a Master of Science and a MBA degree

  • The first year will contain the PSM core courses. Required internship during summer is strongly encouraged.
  • The second year will contain the MBA core courses including the MBA Action Learning Project
  • Additional internship after second year is optional. Return for final semester and finish remaining MBA and PSM elective courses

General Requirements

  • Course schedules will be planned in consultation with the PSM Program Adviser and with the MBA program director
  • Student must be accepted by both the Jones School and the PSM Program (please submit two separate applications)
  • Note that applicants are allowed to use GRE scores for both the MBA and PSM application.

Admission Requirements

All application materials for the MBA and the PSM programs.

MBA Admission Requirements are as follows:

  • Completed application submitted online
  • One personal essay submitted online
  • Professional or Academic resume submitted online
  • Official GMAT or GRE required for scholarship consideration
  • One confidential evaluation submitted online or mailed to our office
  • Official transcripts of all previous coursework mailed to our office
  • Interview (by invitation only)

PSM Admission Requirements are:

  • Completed on-line application
  • Three personal letters of recommendation
  • General GRE scores
  • Official transcripts from all universities attended
  • TOEFL scores (if required)

Course Requirements

  • 75 credit hours of coursework including min. 30 in a science discipline and 45 in business administration
  • All core requirements of the MBA program
  • All core requirements of the specific PSM track
  • Summer internships are required
  • Course schedules are planned in consultation with the MBA program and the specific PSM advisor
  • All requirements can be fulfilled in three years


The program will include the option for one or two internships (each three months long) after the first and/or second year, and the MBA Action Learning Project during the 2nd academic year. Students could also elect to do a six-month internship after the second year. Students will pay Rice Graduate tuition for the first two semesters, MBA tuition for the next two semesters, and depending on the remaining course work Rice Graduate tuition for science courses and MBA tuition for MBA courses for the last semester. Full-time students would be eligible for scholarships offered by the Jones School.