Rice 5th Year Option

Admission is open to Rice junior and senior students who have shown academic excellence in their undergraduate studies. Applications have to be received within the normal timetable for application for the program. With faculty approval, students can start taking required core courses of the Professional Master's Program during their senior year at Rice. A plan of graduate study based on their particular focus area will need to be developed and approved by the track director and the PSM director.

There are many benefits of being a 5th-year graduate student at Rice University:

  • Only 1 year of graduate school tuition
  • No GRE required
  • The application fee is waived
  • Only 2 letters of recommendation are required instead of 3

General Timeline:

Spring of Junior Year: Fill out and complete the application

Fall of Senior Year: Students should start taking some graduate-level courses with undergrad courses, as schedule permits.

Spring of Senior Year: Take the last of undergraduate courses (at least 9 hours) and continue with graduate-level courses. Students will graduate with their baccalaureate degree in May. After undergraduate graduation, the student is officially matriculated into graduate student status.

5th Year Finish the required courses and internship including reports and presentations. Graduate with your Master’s degree at the end of your 5th year.

We do offer rolling admission if space is available. Please contact Lindsey Hodge at Lh29@rice.edu if you'd like to apply after the deadline

Additional information:

Rice undergraduate students must complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and the Professional Science Master’s degree independently of each other, i.e. no course may be counted toward the fulfillment of both degrees.

Rice undergraduates should keep in mind that there is no provision for obtaining both degrees in a period shorter than five years.

Students receiving scholarships and other forms of financial aid from Rice University may only apply that aid toward the completion of their undergraduate degree. Students who receive financial aid must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student during their senior year. 5th-year PSM students should plan to seek alternative sources of support for the fifth year of study.

5th year