Syed Moosavi

My name is Syed Moosavi. As a geologist completing my master’s degree in Petroleum Geology from University of Karachi, I am a lead Well Placement Geologist at Weatherford International Ltd. With a solid academic foundation and applied industry experience, I feel as though I am ready to move to the next stage of my career development. I’ve been exposed to numerous different fields, both nationally and internationally during the 12 years of the drilling industry. I feel as if more needs to be uncovered. My passion and interest grew naturally while attending classes like Petroleum Geology, Contour mapping, Tectonic plate movement, etc. I am passionate about this particular field and want to become an expert in this subject; a Master degree from Rice University will help me gain the in-depth knowledge that I need. Beside work, I love to travel across the world and catch up with friends and make new ones along the way. So far I’ve been to all 6 continents of the world. I love all kinds of sports and adventures. In my free time, I like to play cricket or basketball and if I get the change, take a short nap.