Shweta Mohandas

Shweta Mohandas, graduated from Texas A&M University at College Station, TX in May 2018 with a B.S. in Geophysics and minor in Geology. She gained research experience by working as a research assistant at the research labs at Texas A&M where she executed phython scriptin in a geophyscial database, pioneered alternative energy sources to power buildings around campus and discovered firste ver diatoms in Texas resulting in a scientific publication.

She gained work experience with Hallibuton as a field engineer and presently as a project manager overseeing manufacturing projects for Rodney Hunt. She decided to pursue the Masters in Subsurface Geosciences with a specialization in Energy Data Management with the goal to gain valuable experience in the oil and gas industry througgh geophyscial processing and interpretation techniques while applying data science methods to progress her career with the energy sector or consultancy services.