Maryam Nasizadeh

Ms. Nasizadeh received her B.S. in Geology with a Minor in Global Energy Management from University of Houston in 2012. Before graduating, she worked part time as a geological technician for Quantum Resources Management which turned into a full time position after graduating. There, she worked for numerous development geologist and reservoir engineers and had opportunities to help develop onshore assets while gaining a wide variety of technical skills. Maryam began working full time in April 2014 as a geologist for Taos Resources handling the operations and development for their fields in Kansas and Texas. She decided to enroll part time in the Professional Science Master's Program in Subsurface Geoscience at Rice University with the goal of solidifying her educational background in geology as well as enhancing her skills in exploring for hydrocarbons. After graduation, she secured a full-time postion with Taos Resources.