Johnathan Torres

Mr. Johnathan Torres graduated from University of Houston-Downtown where he received a bachelor’s of science in Geoscience with a concentration in Petroleum Geotechnology and a minor in Applied Physics. During his years of study he engaged in various reaseach projects, such as analyzing core sediment from a local mitigation bank to determine anomalies present since urban development and natural disasters; studying lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy of the Chinle Formation in central Utah; investigating the thermal analysis of hydrocarbon bearing shale for retorting purposes. Johnathan’s lead him to a study abroad research opportunity in central Poland where he researched paleomagnetism on organic rich shale and in the gas engineering lab working with Raman spectroscopy on the determination of natural gas composition. After graduating, Johnathan placed into a position with a geological service company, where he works in both the XRD and XRF lab to determine mineralogy of various exploration wells across the country. Mr. Torres enrolled in Rice University’s Subsurface Geoscience graduate program to pursue his interest in research and acquiring industry applicable skills. Johnathan’s goal is to one day intergrade both geochemistry and geomechanical data to aid 3D geological modeling for exploration and recovery processes.