Janie Garcia

Ms. Garcia completed her Bachelor’s in Mathematics magna cum laude from University of Saint Thomas in 2007. Her interest in physics and geology opened the door to the petroleum industry, and after graduation she secured employment with FairfieldNodal working in seismic imaging traveling across the globe from North, South and Central America, the Middle East, Northern Europe to Asia. She expanded her knowledge becoming a SEG member and attending SEG seminars whenever she could. She joined the acquisitions crew offshore to shoot seismic in the UK and Norway. Now as a Senior Processing Geophysicist, she manages a team of processors, trains entry level analysts, and is a liaison for offshore processing crew analysts. Janie decided to enroll at Rice University in the Subsurface Geoscience program to advance her technical skills, learn more about developing technologies, data interpretation, and exploration of potential reservoirs as well as broaden her management and business skills. After graduation, she secured a full-time position with Fairfield/Nodal.