Calyn Jew

Alumna, Cayln Jew graduated in Spring 2017 with a M.S. in Subsurface Geoscience and hit the ground running in the energy industry: “ The combined technical geoscience courses and the industry focused business education with a required work experience immediately attracted my attention”, commented Cayln. “My internship at Statoil was eye-opening and taught me so much about real life applications and business practices”.

After finishing the program in the Fall of 2017, she joined Statoil to work U.S onshore unconventionals as an operations geologist. After a year and a half of operations in continuous resource plays, she rotated to an offshore exploration geology role for Equinor-Statoil. “ I have been fortunate to expand my knowledge and apply it in real life settings during my time with Statoil/Equinor, and I am ready to explore other options. “ Calyn explains, “ beginning of 2020, I joined Repsol as a development geologist supporting the Eagle Ford asset, and looking forward to further expanding my expertise. The Subsurface Geoscience program at Rice offered the most rounded education in the field that I could find and provided me not only with advanced science knowledge but also understanding of business and management, which has been instrumental in advancing my career so far.”