Alireza Akbarzadeh

Dr. Akbarzadeh received his PhD in Physics from the University of Arkansas in 2005. His focus area was simulation of physical properties of materials. Upon graduation he was offered a postdoctoral scholarship at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he performed research in hydrogen storage systems. During this research, Alireza became more interested in energy technologies and he learned about the urgency of developing new paradigms of energy resources. Since 2010 he has worked on boron nanostructures and has studied their applications in hydrogen storage systems. Alireza has published several peer-reviewed articles with significant impact to the field and has presented his research at international conferences. He joined the Professional Master’s of Science in the field of Subsurface Geosciences in 2011 to deepen his knowledge in the energy sector industries. His goal is to get an assignment with oil companies where he can apply his background and contribute effectively to the field. Ali secured an internship with ExxonMobil and accepted a full-time job offer from DownUnder GeoSolution.