Robert Bullard

Mr. Robert Bullard graduated from North Carolina State University in 2018 with a B.S. in Physics, along with minors in Economics and Mathematics. While in college he participated in experimental research projects in fundamental nuclear physics and completed his senior design project in nuclear astrophysics. Funded through the NASA Flight Opportunities program within the Daniels Lab, Robert helped develop and fly the experimental apparatus for Project EMPANADA (Ejecta-Minimizing Protocols for Applications Needing Anchoring or Digging on Asteroids). The experiment probed photoelastic granular materials and regolith simulants in Martian, lunar, and microgravity environments on a series of parabolic flights. After graduating, he used footage from the flights to develop an educational assignment to help undergraduate students better understand fundamental physics concepts. Robert chose Rice University’s Space Studies Master’s program for its interdisciplinary approach to space activities and looks forward to making an impact in the space industry.