Hoik Jang

Mr. Hoik Jang graduated from Chung-Ang University in 2018 with B.S and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. While at Chung-Ang University, he worked as a researcher and lecturer. As a researcher he developed a new graphic user interface for CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems which utilize physical blocks with wireless communicating capabilities to make 3D models. As a lecturer he taught undergraduate students how to utilize CATIYA (CAD Program) and C programming skills at Chung-Ang University.

During his undergraduate studies, he served in the military as a KATUSA (Korean Augmentee to The United States Army) under U.S. Army as an Intelligence Analyst/Administrative Specialist/Interpreter in FROKA (First Republic of Korean Army) and TROKA(Third Republic of Korean Army).

In addition to his military service, he was chosen to attend the only state-run Institute for Research on Science Policy advising policymakers and government organizations. Hoik participated in the development of a policy that would help undeveloped countries via cooperation and development on education and science fields rather than pursuing a hands-off policy that would just provide funding. He conducted research collecting primary data and developed a policy proposal.

As for extra curricular activities, Hoik was a founder and the leader of a Christian Student Union at Chung-Ang University forming a union from 20 missionary groups, and participated in establishing the Christian Union of students, staff, professors, and mission group leaders. He drafted a constitution of the Christian Union and also successfully resolved one of the most significant crises in history for Chung-Ang University. Christians provoked by the University’s attempt to remove a chapel, he organized a student petition and represented the union in a meeting with University officials including the President of the University.

Always interested in space flight and rocket building, the movie “Apollo 13” inspired him to pursue a career related to aerospace. He enrolled in Rice’s Coordinated Degree program of the Master of Science in Space Studies and the MBA to advance his science and engineering skills, and become and adept professional in the space industry.