Adolfo Carvalho

Mr. Adolfo Carvalho is enrolled in Rice’s 4+1 program, adding the Professional Master in Space Studies (2020) to his Undergraduate Bachelors of Science, in Astrophysics, and Arts, in Mathematics (2019). As a Rice student, he has worked on both long term projects with the department of physics and astronomy and shorter term projects with Rice's Humanities Research Center. Adolfo's work for the department of astronomy, spanning a year and a half thus far, has focused on detecting and determining the parameters of large companions orbiting young stars. More recently he used his coding experience to engage in a project concerning education in the history of astronomy, building a program to visually simulate the observational sweeps completed by Caroline and William Herschel in the 1780's. Adolfo has found flexibility in his growing coding ability, applying his skills to various fields beyond physics and astronomy. Between class and research, he is captain of Rice's varsity Division I Cross Country team and runs the 3000m steeplechase during the track season. Adolfo also enjoys educating his fellow students through his position as a tutor with the Athletic Department and as a Student Director Peer Academic Advisor for athletics.