Wenting Ge
Mr. Wenting Ge graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a B.S. in Environmental science and a minor in Information Technology in 2022. Throughout his undergraduate studies, he actively engaged in various academic projects, from making the campus more sustainable and studying the distribution of black bears near Amherst to analyzing Chinese history, specifically Ming Dynasty, with an environmental perspective. He also researched the Flywheel Energy Storage System and published this paper at the 3rd International Academic Exchange Conference on Science and Technology Innovation. Most recently, he interned in a new energy group at Zhongtai Securities as an analyst assistant. These invaluable experiences provided him with exposure to sustainability, environmental science, new energy, and data analytics. Currently, Mr. Wenting Ge is enrolled in Rice University’s Professional Master of Science Program in Environmental Analysis. He hopes to be an ESG analyst in the new energy industry. He believes that this program will lead him to explore industry frontier areas and equip him with advanced tech skills in sustainability and energy analytics, preparing him for his future career.