Tina Dantono

Ms. Dantono graduated from Fordham University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. While at Fordham, Tina held a field research mentor position with a program called Project TRUE, during which she was tasked with creating and designing an urban ecology research project and educating a group of high school students on how to carry it out by her side. Her research concerned microplastic presence in urban ponds. By the end of this internship, she was asked by a representative of New York State Parks to share her research methods in an effort to establish microplastics programming at several parks throughout the five boroughs of New York. Furthermore, in her senior year, Tina interned with the Natural Resources Defense Council an international non-profit focused bringing about environmental change through advocacy and legal means. Specifically, she worked as the public education intern tasked with responding to inquiries from the general public about NRDC programs as well as general environmental issues and concerns. As a result of these accumulating experiences, she decided to enroll Rice University’s Environmental Analysis Professional Science Master’s Program where she hopes to further outline the path to professional career. Tina hopes to use her interdisciplinary education, unique talents, and passion for environmental issues to harness the power of communication in an effort to bridge the gap between science and various enterprises that hold the power to create and support drastic and transformative environmental change.