Taufik Raharjo graduated from NC State University in 2016, with a B.S. in Materials Engineering & minors in Sustainable Energy & Economics. His passion is to combat climate change. He has done research in solar thin films and in energy storage as an undergraduate, in addition to process engineering internships at a chemical plant and as a technology consultant. In Taufik’s professional career, this passion has been translated into working in modernizing the electric grid in 4 years as a technology consultant (specializing in power and utilities).

Mr. Raharjo is interested in various professional avenues (fuel/energy management, environmental compliance, environmental engineering/chemistry) as long as the organization’s goals align with a sustainability/climate change mitigation mindset.

Ultimately, Taufik desires to be a part of the climate change solutions at an industry and/or governmental level and is excited to be gaining interdisciplinary environmental analysis knowledge that supplements his engineering background. He is thrilled to drive his career towards mitigating long term carbon emissions within the PSM in Environmental Analysis program at Rice University.