Rong Liu

Ms.Liu received her B.S. in Chemistry in 2013 from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. She has two years of inorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry research experience in Sun Yat-Sen University, including synthesis and characterization of coordination polymers, research on fungal active metabolite, synthesis and testing of a new Ag+ fluorescent probe based on AIE. She also participated in several environmental research projects such as investigation on the water environment of the Pearl River (Guangzhou Reach). Rong wants to apply her chemical knowledge and skills to environmental problems and truly make a difference. Her concern with environmental issues caused by industry, and her determination to make a contribution towards a greener environment, brought about her choice to continue her study at Rice. Now Rong is enrolled in the Environmental Analysis and Decision Making program, where she will acquire interdisciplinary knowledge including environmental engineering, management, policy and quantitative decision-making. She aspires to work for the energy industry, government agencies, or international organizations that deal with environmental problems. Rong completed an internship with the United Nations in New York. After graduation, she secured full-time employment as a Energy and Sustainability Program Analyst.