Priya Singh

Ms. Singh received her Master’s in Organic Chemistry from Purvanchal University, India in 2008. After graduation, she was employed at Indian Institute of Petroleum where she focused on developing chemical sorbents for CO2 absorption from the power plant flue gases, for urea production. She also worked on CO2 absorption from biomass gasified streams, for the generation of producer gas. Priya also volunteered in the Chemistry Department of Colorado School of Mines, where she focused on characterizing hydrocarbon contents in algae extracts by using MALDI-MS, for enhanced biofuels production. She found her work experience extremely gratifying, which inspired her to seek more knowledge in environmental science and management. Priya is now pursuing Professional Science Master's degree in Environmental Analysis and Decision Making track with a focus on energy sustainability. She aspires to gain in-depth technical knowledge and understand the intricacies of management and policies of the energy industry. She aims at channeling her quantitative and conceptual skills in finding solutions to environmental problems and to use world's resources in a sustainable way. She completed an internship with the City of Houston and secured employment with I2M Associates in Houston.