Neha Kathayat

Ms. Kathayat graduated from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India with a degree in chemical engineering. After graduation, she joined R&D department of United Phosphorous Limited (UPL), an agrochemical manufacturing firm, as a technical executive. Her work mainly involved finding best route of synthesizing an agrochemical with optimum yield and minimum cost and health-safety-environment hazards. She has always been involved in environment-related projects through her voluntary service. But working with pollutant chemicals at UPL, she acquired a deeper sense of environmental responsibility. The EADM studies at Rice allow her to gain clear and in-depth understanding of environmental science,and the management and policy aspects of dealing with environmental issues. She interned with Trinity Consultants in Houston, TX; assisted with the SSPEED Project after graduation and has now accepted employment with Element Markets in their renewable energy and biofuel group. Neha has moved to New York, where her husband has joined the pharmaceutical company Reneneron. She secured employment with Nexant Inc. Energy & Chemicals in White Plains, NY.