Jessie Fan

Ms. Fan graduated in 2013 from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a B.S. in Environmental Science, as well as minors in Public Affairs and Urban and Regional Studies. During her undergraduate studies, Jessie researched a wide variety of topics, ranging from environmental economics to urban geography. Coupled with her studies in urban planning and public policy, Jessie developed a strong interest in environmental management and sustainability practices. For her senior practicum, Jessie worked with a team of UCLA Environmental Science students and created models, implementation measures, and a final proposal to help Hermosa Beach, California reach carbon neutrality. Jessie is now embarking on the first year of Rice's Environmental Analysis and Decision Making track of the Professional Master's Program. Jessie participated in an internship with the City of Houston. After graduation, Jessie returned to California, worked first for Hakka Foundation and is now employed with ESA as Environmental Science Associate.