Jasmin Alfaro

Ms. Jasmin Alfaro graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. While a student, she conducted research identifying uniformity in clustering of certain sized grains and how this affected sediment transport rates. She also worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant organizing and maintaining the sample database, mechanically breaking down samples using a rock crusher and disc mill, and performing mineral separation techniques to isolate heavier zircon and apatite minerals. After graduation, she participated in the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s Mickey Leland Environmental internship program. Her tasks involved reviewing Emergency Response 30-Day Spill reports and lab analytics and TCEQ offered her a position as an Environmental Investigator for the Solid Waste team. She conducted audits on regulated entities for compliance with state and federal regulations regarding industrial and hazardous waste and wrote technical reports based on findings and observed alleged violations. After a year, Ms. Alfaro chose to further her education and enrolled in the Environmental Analysis graduate program at Rice University, where she plans to integrate new skills with her work experience to pursue a career in environmental sustainability and compliance.