Guido Bertola graduated as an Environmental Engineer at Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe, Argentina, in 2017. During his undergraduate years, he completed an exchange at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées of Toulouse, France, and a research internship at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. Throughout his undergraduate studies, Guido focused on research in different areas, such as indoor air disinfection, catalytic solvent elimination, and water treatment. After graduating, he began working at Bioingepro, a private company that develops and constructs water and wastewater treatment plants, becoming leader of the technical & commercial department. This experience deepened his process and design knowledge, as well as his negotiation and leadership skills. He also volunteered as a researcher at Hecho por Nosotros, an NGO which fosters sustainability in the fashion industry. There, he published a paper and developed a toolkit with guidelines for the design and construction of artificial wetlands that allow textile artisans to treat their domestic and industrial effluents. All these academic and professional steps led him to apply for a Fulbright scholarship, and he had the chance to join the Professional Science Master in Environmental Analysis at Rice University, focusing on Environmental Sustainability. In the future, he hopes to work on developing technical solutions that balance societal and economic factors while fostering sustainability.