Braulio Garcia

Mr. Garcia graduated from Rice in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a minor in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. He has been working for the City of Houston Health Department since May 2020, mainly working with the analysis of COVID-19 in Houston waste water. He has helped with the analysis and organization of data using Excel and R, he has collected waste water and surface water samples, and he has helped with other tasks such as editing reports. He also gained experience as a research assistant working in multiple labs at Rice. He has worked with yeast and performed a gene knockout in Candida albicans, identified mammals in camera trap data from Volcanoes National Park, and worked in a fly lab investigating fly aggression as well as helping to maintain fly stocks. He is still exploring my future career options.He enrolled in the 5 year Environmental Analysis Master's program to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful environmental career. He is most interested in working on air or water pollution, or anything involving climate change.