Aditya Banerjee

Mr. Banerjee completed his chemical engineering degree at the Institute of Chemical Technology (Mumbai). He worked as an intern at Reliance (Jamnagar) where he used Lean Six Sigma methodology to reduce commissioning time of refinery projects. He also worked at Larsen and Toubro (Mumbai) in their R&D division on upstream and downstream hydrocarbon projects. Major projects included the Vasai East Development Project (Client: ONGC) and the Methanol Plant Revamp Project (Client: RCF India). Aditya also has work experience in areas of Gas to Liquids and Flow Assurance. His goal at Rice is to develop expertise in a systems approach of understanding and evaluating the relative merits of different energy options and solve engineering problems. He intends to focus on energy modeling techniques to solve environmental and financial problems. He participated in an internship with Wood McKenzie, and has accepted employment with them. Recently he was promoted to a managerial position within the company.