Titiksha Vats

Ms. Vats completed her undergrad degree in Biotechnology from India in spring of 2013. During her degree, she completed several internships at premier Indian research institutes including Delhi University and the Indian Defense organization, focusing on gaining research experience on kidney stones. After graduation, she worked as a Research Analyst on several biotech and pharmaceutical projects for a year with global clients like Unilever. This experience made her aware of the impactful role she could play in management and policy shaping roles in science-related industries. Her eagerness to increase her knowledge base has landed her in graduate studies in Bioscience and Health Policy at Rice University to help her gain the skill-set necessary to enter the healthcare field. During her masters, she completed her internships at Gene by Gene, Baker Ins. of Public Policy and Phyllis Healthcare. She is currently working as a Program Manager at UT Southwest Medical Center, Dallas.