Ornsiree Junchaya

Ms. Junchaya received her B.Sc. with Second Class Honors in Applied Chemistry, majoring in Industrial Chemistry and Management from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. Her interests are at the intersection of medtech, the effects of the ACA on healthcare industry, and innovative business management strategies. Before arriving to Houston, she participated in the Stanford Summer Session where she lead efforts in launching a successful French e-commerce startup. Prior to that, she completed an R&D internship with Unilever Thailand where she recommended rectification strategies for a problematic personal care product, and developed a process capability database for use in future SEAA process standard and optimization procedures. She was also the Managing Director and partner of Mekra International, a consulting company specializing in turnkey spa projects. In addition to her graduate studies, she is an active member of the Rice Graduate Student Association and is involved in several organizations focusing on professional development and international liaisons. With an interdisciplinary background in the sciences, service industry and consulting, and a passion for entrepreneurship, she aims to pursue a career in Regulatory Affairs or Health Care Consulting. Ornsiree secured an internship with MD Anderson and is now working for Dorsata, a health informatics company.