Melinda Soeung

Ms. Soeung graduated from Baylor University with a B.A. in Biochemistry and a minor in Biology in 2011. As an undergraduate, Melinda published a thesis, Structure-Activity Relationship of Novel Low Nanomolar Thiosemicarbazone Inhibitors of Cruzain. Her undergraduate research focused on testing synthetic compounds as potential inhibitors of cruzain, a vital enzyme in the lifecycle of the parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi that is responsible for Chagas’ Disease, with the goal of finding a more effective cure for the disease. After graduating, Melinda worked as a research technician at CESI Chemical, a Flotek Company R&D lab that specializes in developing oilfield specialty chemicals. Her work contributed to a patent and an “Honorable Mention” special meritorious award for engineering innovation in 2013 for CESI Chemical. From her myriad of research experiences, Melinda gained an appreciation for the research involved in developing technology aimed to enhance the quality of life of humans. As a graduate student in the BHP program at Rice, she hopes to obtain a solid understanding of the policies that govern biomedical research in healthcare with the intent of contributing to the advancement of medical technology and making it accessible to all people. Melinda finished her internship with "Doctors for Change"; she continues her education at UT Health/MD Anderson pursuing a PhD in Clinical Translational Science/Therapeutics.