Agha Nkama

Mr. Nkama graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from Rice in May, 2013. While at Rice, he focused on biochemistry and molecular biology while also pursuing interests in anthropology and sociology. During this time he realized the deficiencies within healthcare policy on a local and international level. At Rice, he focused largely on research, working in a bioengineering lab that made aptamers used in detecting cardiac inflammatory markers and working in a breast cancer brain metastasis lab at Baylor College of Medicine. These experiences led him to the Bioscience and Health Policy Master’s program. He hopes to gain a better understanding of current domestic health care reforms and to impact the medicinal and sociological side of healthcare. Agha succeed in gaining an internship with K&S Health Consultants and has accepted employment with them after graduation. In 2017, Agha moved to Chicago to work for Aarete Consulting.