Internship Forms

Internship progress and quality is monitored through a series of forms to be completed by the student and the host organization. The student is responsible for ensuring that all required documents are submitted in a timely manner.

Forms to be completed by the employer:

Forms to be completed by the student:

PSM Guidebook: students should review the guidebook to prepare for the written and oral reports.

Part-time students may fulfill the internship requirement by working on a special project with their current employer. The project must be appropriate for the pursued degree and approved by the individual track program director. The duration will be dependent upon the needs of the project and students may continue to take courses while working on their projects.

In their final semester, students will be required to prepare both written and oral reports on their experiences and accomplishments achieved during the internship. Assistance for this part of the cohort experience is available from the Rice communication faculty.

For detailed instructions, please view the PSM GUIDELINE BOOK