Internships are a key feature of the Professional Master's Program at Rice. Rice's close ties with local and national organizations will provide avenues to engage the larger business community in the Professional Master's Program. These ties, in addition to Rice's connection with the successful managers and entrepreneurs on the Board of Affiliates will help facilitate key contacts for establishing internships.

Rice's Center for Career Development is available to provide help in identifying potential internships. Please check out their web site and find detailed career information for PSM students under "Graduate Students". The internship should last approximately three to six months and will normally take place beginning in the summer session after the first year of coursework. The university will maintain communication with both students and employers during the internship.

  • Make sure to explore CCD's Handshake (login required) for hundreds of postings of internship and job positions
  • Reach out to Rice Alumni via the Sallyportal to get help in your search for internship or job opportunities
  • Sign up to VAULT for internship resources, interview tips and job search advice.

Rice Opportunities:

Ways to build relationships with potential employers or engage in on-campus jobs and leadership opportunities during your time at Rice.

  • Career Treks: allows small groups of students to travel to companies and organizations to learn from practicing professionals and gain insights into potential careers...
  • Employer Engagement & Recruiting Events: meet employers face-to-face through networking events and career fairs held throughout the year.
  • Rice offers on-campus job, leadership, or volunteer opportunities

Students have placed consistently into positions suited to their interests in an industry directly related to their area of study. All internships require the approval of the track director. Samples of internship providers are listed below:

Post-Graduation Jobs and Opportunities

The vast majority of our graduates enter full-time, permanent positions that are closely related to their degree. Some opt to build on their educational experience with post-graduation fellowship opportunities or additional advanced degrees, such as Medical School, Pharmaceutical School, and others.

Read about our successful alumni on our main web page.

Internship Forms

Internship progress and quality is monitored through a series of forms to be completed by the student and the host organization. The student is responsible for insuring that all required documents are submitted in a timely manner.

Forms to be completed by host organization:

Forms to be completed by student:

Part-time students may fulfill the internship requirement by working on a special project with their current employer. The project must be appropriate for the pursued degree and approved by the individual track program director. The duration will be dependent upon the needs of the project and students may continue to take courses while working on their projects.

In their final semester, students will be required to prepare both written and oral reports on their experiences and accomplishments achieved during the internship. Assistance for this part of the cohort experience is available from Rice communication faculty. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED IN THE PSM GUIDELINE BOOK (given to students at orientation) and available in digital format via the PSM Office.