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Doerr Institute for New Leaders - doerr.rice.edu

Graduate students are free to select the program that best suits their current needs. Students can start with the program that best meets their developmental goals and scheduling needs.


Synthesis group coaching encourages students to build on Activation-level skills through collaboration and interaction with peers.

Catalyst modules are designed to focus on a single leadership competency, allowing students to further develop their unique skillsets.

Meet successful Houston business leaders on their turf.

Student CoachRICE
CoachRICE for Students is a unique training program that uses a variety of teaching methodologies to deliver a practical skill set for Rice University students who want to continue their leadership journey after completing their one-on-one professional coaching.

  • Consists of five one-on-one sessions with a professional leadership coach over the course of a semester.
  • Sessions are self-scheduled by students at their convenience.
  • Students define leadership goals and the steps necessary to activate them.
  • Professional leader developers support students in increasing self-awareness and achieving deeper learning.
  • Over a semester, small peer groups meet and provide accountability and support.
  • Students choose from themes that fit their needs.
  • Catalyst Modules offer deeper understanding of the success skills needed to be an effective leader.
  • Facilitators challenge and support students as they build skills through hands-on practice in interactive environments.
  • The covered topics are concentrated to accommodate students' busy schedules.
  • Learn from their candid stories of success, failure, and ethical dilemmas.
  • Discuss the experiences with your peers.
  • Consider personal applications for your findings.
  • Identify the core competencies for effectiveness as a leadership coach
  • Increase one’s ability to reflect, notice, respond to feedback and self-correct
  • Assemble a coaching toolkit


The Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lilie) is the home of experiential learning in entrepreneurship at Rice University.

Lilie focuses on teaching both entrepreneurial skills and the entrepreneurial mindset We prepare our students to be entrepreneurs in whatever walk of society they choose, be it a technology startup, government, civic groups, non-profits or large corporations.

Lilie is comprised of a state-of-the-art on-campus lab space, experiential courses, co-curricular opportunities, and an array of resources to support student learning in entrepreneurship.

Courses: Our experiential classes engage faculty in business, social science, engineering, and entrepreneurs and innovators from across Houston and beyond. Many courses are cross-listed as part of the curriculum in schools and programs including engineering, social science, global health, and civic leadership. The classes explore and emphasize a combination of entrepreneurial skills and mindset with critical thinking and analytical reasoning at the core.

Experiences and Opportunities

From the internship program to the incubator, Rice provides opportunities for all aspects of entrepreneurship.

The Lab

A flexible and modern space for collaboration and learning, the Liu Idea Lab is Rice’s on-campus hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Here you will find entrepreneurs and experts in residence, mentors, and innovators from fields across campus. The Lab hosts experiential classes and co-curricular events such as the Lilie Lectures, competitions, and workshops.


The Liu Idea Lab team are faculty and staff dedicated to supporting Rice’s entrepreneurial and innovation community. We are practitioners, researchers, investors, and experienced entrepreneurs who provide support to students as they develop and advance ideas.

Other Career Resources for Students

The Center for Career Development (CCD) has compiled these resources and articles to guide you in pursuing your career goals. These are not meant to be conclusive, but instead are a spring board for you to begin navigating your career journey from college to graduation, and throughout your life. Visit the resource page to get the below details

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