Applied Chemical Science

“The Applied Chemical Sciences program will prepare students with chemistry backgrounds for employment in chemical industries, energy industry, medical or pharma, or government / non-profit organizations. These graduates will target jobs that are different from the more technically focused PhD in Chemistry and/or Master’s in Chemical Engineering.” The program offers an enhancement of various chemical topics that can be directly applied to specific industrial, technological and medical purposes. It consists of three separate areas of specialization reflecting the importance of chemical sciences in multiple technological applications. (Dr. Michelle Gilbertson, professor Chemistry)

The Petroleum Chemistry area of specialization will focus on coursework with applications of chemical sciences in the oil industry. A molecular description of the processes taking place during the oil extraction and its processing into final industrial products will be presented.

The Bioorganic Chemistry area of specialization will focus on explaining the molecular structures, the underlying mechanisms of chemical reactions, synthesis and biological applications of various compounds that are relevant for modern biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

The area of specialization in Computational Chemistry and Data Science will focus on developing theoretical understanding of complex chemical processes by developing computer simulations and data science analysis skills.

Our oversight faculty from the Chemistry department has been working closely with industry advisors to provide an appropriate curriculum relevant to industry and business addressing their workforce needs.

Dagmar Beck
Director of the Professional Science Master’s Office at the Wiess School of Natural Science


Students in this degree will not only be strengthening their technical knowledge and scientific skills, such as analysis, research, characterization, data collection, and problem solving, but also will work on the development of written, analytical, and verbal communication skills. This interdisciplinary curriculum provides graduates of this program with the tool-set to be successful in the science/technology industry.

The objective of this non-thesis MS program is to provide an alternate pathway for students to complete an MS degree in chemistry that does not involve an in-depth research project and thesis. This degree option is intended for students whose personal interests or current work responsibilities lower the desirability of conducting the required research for the thesis-based degree. K-12 teachers, non-traditional students, and employees of local industry who want to earn an MS degree for promotions or to meet eligibility requirements for teaching positions at community colleges may wish to pursue this degree option.

Faculty involved in the Applied Chemical Sciences Program:

Dr. Anatoly Kolomeisky
Dr. James Tour
Dr. Eugene Zubarev
Dr. Michelle Gilbertson