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Rice Departments
Wiess School of Natural Sciences 
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Department of Biosciences
Department of Chemistry
George R. Brown School of Engineering

Rice Clubs, Centers, and Institutes
Rice Quantum Institute

The Smalley-Curl Institute of Nanoscale Science and Technology
Physics and Astronomy GSA
Society of Physics Students

Information Sources
Cientifica Ltd
The Foresight Institute
The NanoBusiness Alliance
Vital Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology
Nanotechnology Now
Small Times News
Understanding Nano

Centers & Institutes
NASA JSC Carbon Nanotube Project
NASA Center for Nanotechnology
American Institute of Physics (AIP)
ASME Nanotechnology Institute
National Nanotechnology Initiatve
Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas
Nano Science and Technology Institute

Rice University Business Spin-offs
Applied Nanofluorescence, LLC
Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc.
Molecular Electronics Corporation
NanoComposites, Inc.
NanoRidge Materials, Inc.
Nanospectra Biosciences
Oxane Materials, Inc.

Nano-related Companies
Adamco Inc.
Applied Nanofluorescence
Applied Nanotech
Baker Hughes
Birkeland Current
Brewer Science
Bright Star Global Energy
Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc.
Designed Nanotubes
General Dynamics
Goodyear Tire
Infrared Cameras
Lockheed Martin
Luna Innovations
Nanoscience Instruments
Nanotechnology Industries
NanoApex Corporation
Evident Technologies
Luna Innovations
NanoApex Corp.
Nano Risk Assessment
Northrop Grumman
Pratt & Whitney
Proportional Technologies, Inc
Quantum Logic Devices
Quantum Wired
Scientific Simulation Systems
Smart Imaging Technologies
Spirit Aerosystems
Systems and Materials Research Corp.
TE Connectivity, Ltd.
Weatherford International
Xerion Materials Corp.

In The News

Latest Headlines from Science Daily
updated 1/13/16


Dec. 28, 2015 — A technique to combine the ultrasensitivity of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) with a slippery surface will make it feasible to detect single molecules of a number of chemical and biological ...read more 

Dec. 28, 2015 — Researchers have developed a technique to determine the individual polarities of hundreds of semiconducting nanowires in a single, time-saving process. The study constitutes a major step ... read more 

Nanoworld 'Snow Blowers' Carve Straight Channels in Semiconductor Surfaces

Dec. 28, 2015 — Easy to control, new gold-nanoparticle-catalyzed process for creating patterns of channels with nanoscale dimensions could help to spawn entirely new technologies fashioned from ensembles of ... read more 

Infrared Encoding of Images With Metasurfaces

Dec. 25, 2015 — Researchers have recently demonstrated metamaterial resonators that allow emission in the infrared to be tuned through the geometry of the ... read more 


 Follow the PROJECT ON EMERGING NANOTECHNOLOGIES news as of January 2014, a group dedicated to  help ensuring that nanotechnology advances and risks are minimized, public and consumer engagement  remains strong, and potential new benefits are realized - quote below from their web site at  www.nanotechproject.org

  • Inventory Finds Increase in Consumer Products Containing Nanoscale Materials The updated Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory now contains 1,628 consumer products that have been introduced to the market since 2005, representing a 24 percent increase since the last update in 2010. In addition to finding new products introduced to the market, the newly re-launched inventory seeks to address scientific uncertainty with contributions from those involved with nanomaterials production, use, and analysis.  
    New Case Study Explores Influence of PEN Efforts A new case study looks at the work of the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN) amidst the shift away from government-led technology assessment.  
    NIOSH, CDC to Examine Health Effects of Carbon Nanotubes in Workplace The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health are taking public comment on their plans for a new exposure assessment and epidemiological study of U.S. workers that are exposed to carbon nanotubes and nanofibers.  

         More News  2014 - quoted from C&EN web site at cen.acs.org

January 8, 2014

Engineering Titanium Dioxide To Respond To Visible Light

Photocatalysis: Gently depositing nitrogen atoms on the surface of TiO2 makes the material active across a broader range of wavelengths of light

January 7, 2014

Nanoconjugates Trigger Cancer Cell Suicide

Bioengineering: New cancer treatment strategy could avoid the side effects of conventional immunotherapy by using matching nanomaterials that meet up on the surface of cancer cells

January 6, 2014

Microscopist Chemists

Methods for imaging samples in reactive environments advance microscopy and materials science

January 6, 2014

Clear Solar Cells Power Up Windows

Materials: Islands of perovskite make light-colored solar cells that are efficient, semitransparent

January 6, 2014

Energy Matching Moves Electron Therapy Forward

Chemical Physics: Strategy could lead to cancer treatment

January 6, 2014

Investment Scam

Graphene: U.K. regulator warns investors against buying the carbon material

January 6, 2014

Print And Serve Nanoparticles

Researchers synthesize and pattern gold nanoparticles by depositing reactive ingredients onto a silicon surface with an ink-jet printer

January 3, 2014

Data-Dense Holograms Made With Gold Nanorods

Optics: New material designs make possible holograms that work in the infrared spectrum and store large amounts of data in a small space

January 2, 2014

Graphene Oxide Halts Bacterial Growth On Water-Purifying Membranes

Water Treatment: Researchers prevent biofouling on membranes used for desalination and water treatment by attaching nanosheets of graphene oxide



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